Our neurology department at Gisbir Hospital examinate and treats In general the brain, brain stem, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system, muscle diseases, besides surgery, including medical applications With full advantage of our clinical experience and the latest technological advances.
Diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases is possible by applying advanced scanning methods in our hospital. In modern medical practice, the advanced laboratory has an important place in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases. The radiology department which is especially important in cerebrovascular diseases help us to elucidate the neurological diseases with the right and high quality results required by modern medicine and new generation radiological devices.

Practices in our hospital

Neurological Basic Science

  • While many systemic diseases cause findings of our nervous system, some neurological diseases can affect other organ system.Since many neurological diseases don’t provide a single system diagnosis, many of the patients are seen in diffirent branch physicians at the time of referral.
  • The main complaints for our neurology outpatient clinics are; headaches,dizziness,prolapses,diseases with altered consciousness(epilepsy),hand foot numbing, various muscular weakness.
  • Increase in elderly population leads to more frequent systemic diseases such as hypertension, heart disease and diabetes and related complications.Cranial tomography and/or magnetic resonance scanning,echocardiography, sxtracranial dysplasia are frequently used in our patients who refer to our unit.The result of these studies contribute to follow-up and treatment of our patients.İn severe cases, such as coma, progressive prolapse , frequent recurring seizures, where the patient’s life is endangered,our follow-up and treatment is carried out in the intensive care unit.
  • EMG(Electro myo-neurography) which is a dynamic diagnostic method for evaluating the neuropathies that ocur with common complaints such as hand and foot numbness and painful conditions like waist,neck etc. Can be done in olur electrophysiology laboratory.
  •  Electroencephalography(EEG) examination can be performed in our electrophysiology laboratory, which is mainly used for differential diagnosis of epilepsy and many diseases of the central nervous system.
  • The work force that leads to a social problem and headache that hinders productivity can be evaluated in our policlinic.
  • Forgetfulness is a very common complaint in our daily life.This complaint may be a sign of a number of serious neurological disorders,especially with advancing age.Syptoms of Alzheimer’s disease at especially our epoch’s illness,often start with memory lost, specially forgetting recent past.Conditions that cause forgetfulness other than Alzheimer’s disease; These are mental problems seen during the course of chronic neurological diseases such as Parkinson, MS, mental disorders due to age,forgetfulness after brain injury,alcohol related mental disorders, mental disorders after surgery, cognitive complaints after aging,mental perceptions after prolapse,forgetfulness after head trauma.Examination and treatments about forgetfulness can done in our hospital.
  • Parkinson disease is a nervous system disease due to the disorder of grey matter nuclei in the lower parts of the brain.İt’s the disease of middle age usually.İt’s the disease seen very rarely, chronic, progressive and incurable.Diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson disease can be done in our hospital.

Doctors Of This Service

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