In Gisbir Hospita All the laboratory services that are required in the follow-up of the clinical diagnosis and treatment processes of our patients are presented in a timely and reliable manner.

Patient safety and expectations are crucial to us at every step, from taking our samples for testing to preparing results.
All laboratory services required for diagnosis, treatment and patient evoluation are carried out with modern devices, experienced technicians, well designed laboratory environment and a management team that attaches importance to patient satisfaction.
The maintenance and control of all the devices in our laboratory are done separately daily, weekly and monthly. Every morning the patient samples are passed once the control blood is studied and necessary calibrations are made. When necessary, the checks are repeated throughout the day.

Our laboratory is connected to the KBUDEK EXTERNAL QUALİTY PROGRAM and our results are regularly checked with international quality control samples abroad and the results are reported. Regular work is also being carried out on the internal quality control program.
Our laboratory serves patients with a staff of Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry specialists, a responsible laboratory technician and experienced laboratory technicians.

Doctors Of This Service

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