Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation

With our experienced team in our hospital, we make the maximum root number hairplant according to your needs, which increases the patient satisfaction rate of our hospital to the highest level.

The target which want reached at patients who wants hair transplantation is bushy and natural hair.

İn order to reach this target, a special design is made , according to the needs and wishes of the person, according to the age of the person who made hair transplantation,the type of hair, and the amount of lost hair.

We apply FUE method by our expert and Professional team in hair transplantation by applying our own knowledge and experience in the most perfect way and realize your hair transplantation.

  • Specialist and Professional team
  • Hair analysis
  • PRP practice
  • Maximum Graft Number
  • Hair Transplantation
  • Result with natural appearance

What is the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method at hair transplantation?

FUE method is a process which is predicated on use devices.İt’s the process of patient’s hair bulbs transfering from intense areas to rare areas individually.The tissues are dismissed with a sevsetive device and placed in the reseptor sites.

The removal of individual hair roots has reduced tissue damage considerably compared to older methods, making it the preferred method of hair transplantation.

How to make hair plantation with FUE technique?

The hair bulbs are transported to the area where the patient needs hair transplantation with local(regional) anesthesia, hair bulbs are more resistant to spillage and more frequently removed from the back of the hairy scalp without incision and the use of sutures.

PRP’s İmportance at Hair Transplantation?

PRP is the execution which has very gladsome result. The method is especially recommended for obtaining maximum results from grafts placed after hair transplant operations.

Our team gets enviabla results with our special mesotherapy method on this topic.In our hospital, 2 sessions of free PRP application are made after each hair transplantation.

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