Eye Diseases

Eye Diseases

The Eye Department at Gisbir Hospital offers treatment for a wide range of eye conditions including surgeries.Depending on the degree of your refractive error and the physical attributes of your eyes, Gisbir Hospital physicians will recommend a specific procedure that will give you the best correction possible.
The Eye Department at Gisbir Hospital uses the most advanced excimer lasers to reshape curvature of the cornea and reduce or cure common vision disorders. The Department offers different practices and treatments using different kinds of laser and intraocular lenses to treat patients whose condition is not amenable to regular laser assisted methods.

Practices in our hospital;
•    Adult, child eye and sight examinations
•    Contact lens examinations and practices
•    Uveitis follow-up and treatment
•    AMD ( Macular Degeneration) follow-up and treatment
•    Drug injection into the eye
•    Follow-up with OCT device
•    Diabetic eye health diagnosis and treatment
•    Macular degeneration follow-up with OCT
•    FFA
•    Phaco surgery (Seamless cataract surgery with Phaco technic)
•    Monofocal ( Single-vision lens)
•    Bifocal(Far-near vision lens)
•    Trifocal (Far-middle-near vision lens)
•    Trinova (Far-middle-near vision lens)
•    Glaucoma(Eye pressure) Medical and surgery treatment
•    Strabismus treatment and surgery
•    Lacrimal duct surgery
•    Oculoplastic surgery

Devices Used İn Our Unit;
•    OCT
•    Non Cataract Biometry
•    Visual Field
•    Argon Laser
•    YAG Laser
•    FFA (Fundus Fluorescein Angiography)
•    A-B Scan USG

Doctors Of This Service

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