Brain and Nerve Surgery

Brain and Nerve Surgery

Brain and Nerve Surgery

Department of brain and nevre surgery at Gisbir Hospital follows all the technological advances, As it use and offers the best options for patients. All Medical advances are applied easily at the same time in our department.
All tarumatic patients are immediately intervened to perform examinations, head trauma, nerve injuries, backbone and spinal cord injuries.Brain hemorrhages and brain tumors which are urgent without trauma are examined again and appropriate treatment methods are applied.Our emergency department carries out patient care 24 hours a day in our intensive care unit and Works in constant cooperation with our department.
Particulary, all the operations are performed without any problems on behalf of the brain tumors and spine surgeries especially with our recognized physician staff where at domestic and abroad.The practice of almost all the diagnostic and treatment methods especially in our hospital leads to the coming of diffirent patient groups from outside the provience.

Areas Of İnterest and Therapeutic Diseases Of Brain Surgeon;
•    Brain Neoplasms:  All kinds of brain tumors can be treated with microsurgial methods.
•    Cerebral hemorrhage: (Aneurisms of brain vein , glomerulus anteriovenous malformations) operations are performed successfully.
•    Childhood brain and nerve diseases: Congenital or acquired hydrocephalus, spinal cord patencies, brain and spinal cord tumors , surgical interventions and follow up of epilepsy are performed.
•    All kind of diseases about back bone and spinal cord : Hernia of the loins and cervical disc hernia: With the help of the latest technological devices , operations are performed by microdiscectomy method and in the patients who don’t need surgery, they can be treated by using other treatment methods.
•    Curvature of the spine and spine cord canal narrowing: in particular , patience whose diagnoses are diagnosed by radiological methods such as MR ad BT , relaxation procedures  and instrumentation for nerves are performed.
•    Injuries of backbone,spinal cord and nerve:  As soon as every patient who applies to our emergency department , spinal cord and nevre operations can be done with the latest devices for corrective operations fort he spine.
•    Tumors of backbone and spinal cord, infections: Opinions are given to every patient coming from inside and outside of İstanbul and the most appropriate treatment method can be applied for the patient.
•    Deformities : Curvature of spine , structural imperfections, scoliosis Kyphoses : Congenital or acquired spinal and spinal curvatures are corrected by structural surgeons such as kyphosis scoliosis.
•    Treatment Methods of Hernia of the Loins Without Surgery: Laser, injection , Ozon,Radiofrequency , Crioplasty

Doctors Of This Service

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